Physical Therapy


Our goal at Serene Chiropractic is to teach our patients functional rehabilitation through corrective exercises. Functional rehabilitation consists of movement correction and performance exercises with the goal of improving your movement and function so that you may stay better, longer. Every patient is given different exercises based on their individual goals.

Your body can slip out of balance without you even realizing it.

 Sitting at a computer rounds the natural shape of your spine and puts undue pressure on your upper and lower back. Even mild foot pain can cause your body to overcompensate, throwing your hips out of alignment and leading to the discomfort that lasts long after your foot has healed. As the imbalances pile up, instead of correcting them, you grow accustomed to them. Pretty soon, this out-of-alignment way of living starts racking up the aches and pains. Corrective exercises do just what the name suggests: they correct your uneven foundation and get you back into proper form. With a corrective exercise plan, those aches and cracks you feel when you get out of bed in the morning will begin to disappear, leaving you with a lighter step and a more rested feeling.

Corrective exercises are designed to help you move better, feel better, and live your best life. During your consultation with Dr. Jimenez, you’ll discuss your issues and health goals, and together you’ll develop a plan to help you achieve those goals and get your body back on track.

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