After suffering an injury or being treated for a medical issue, there are typically two main goals: stopping pain and restoring function. How these goals are reached depends on the specifics of the problem, but in many cases, one or more rounds of physical therapy will be involved. Just what does this therapy do, and what are some of the things it may entail?
We are proud to be an independent out-patient practice that is not physician owned or operated. This means cost savings for our patients by avoiding over-utilization of services.  If we can not help you we will let you know this quickly so we can refer you to an appropriate provider.

Rehabilitation Can Eliminate the Need for More-Aggressive Treatments

More and more, people are seeking to avoid surgery, other invasive treatments, the use of narcotic painkillers, and similar mainstays of standard medicine. Meanwhile, physical therapy methods have advanced enough to address many problems before they are “fixed” by other means. For example, a course of physical therapy can be used to redistribute forces in a shoulder or hip so that they no longer aggravate a painful area of cartilage. Since this stops the pain, surgery and painkillers are no longer needed.

Please obtain a physician’s referral prior to scheduling an appointment for physical therapy, in order for you to have insurance coverage for your care. We work closely with your referring physician in order to promote your rapid return from injury, to a functional pain-free lifestyle, return to work, and recreational activities you enjoy. We communicate with your physician regarding your progress through initial, progress, and discharge reports; and through direct communication as warranted. Our experience has allowed this clinic to have a long relationship with many referring physicians who place their trust and confidence in the care and service we provide to their patients.