Dr. Manish Sojitra – Chiropractor – South Elgin

From a patients view

When I first came to Serene Chiropractic, I was in excruciating pain.  I’d fallen on a sheet of black ice as I exited the building where I worked two years ago.  In the air I went landing squarely on my right side.  At first I thought I was fine.  I had pain but thought it would go away when the bruises went away.  I was so wrong.

The pain was there on and off, and then it was always there.  It was the kind of pain that I learned to live with.  I made adjustments around it.  I slept only on my back with extra pillows in bed to prop up my legs.  I had pillows tucked on either side of me so I would not turn over during the night because some sleep positions caused more pain than others. (My husband did not like that).  Special pillows when I sat in chairs as firm chairs were unforgiving and caused sciatica pain.  I had a special pillow for my chair at the dinner table.  I even had a pillow for my lower back while driving.

I could not stand for long periods of time.  I could not bend down for fear of the shooting pain while getting up.  I could not clean or carry moderately heavy things.  Forget about exercising or taking long walks.  If I did, I knew I would pay dearly for it less than an hour later.  The changes I made in my life to accommodate pain were ridiculous.

One Sunday evening while I was going through my “survival system”, my husband said, “I’ve had it!  You’re going to get you back fixed.  On a Sunday night, he made an online appointment through yelp for Serene Chiropractic.  And Monday morning at 8:00 am someone from Serene called me and the rest is history.

One day, about 3 to 4 weeks into my care I had a very shocking realization, I was no longer in pain!!!  My husband began to notice I moved faster without wincing in pain.  I could grocery shopping, and go for walks.  I had no pain!!!  My quality of life improved tremendously.  My daughter even told me I stand differently…straighter and taller.  She said I did not stand ‘old’ anymore.  Ha!

Dr. Sojitra is an excellent doctor!!!  He helped me understand how the fall had taken my spine out of alignment, compressed the nerves in my spine, tilted my pelvis, as well as, the ways my body was trying to tell me it needed help.  My spine was affected by the fall, my nerves, muscles, and my whole body suffered as a result.  He put me on a intensive 3 month treatment plan to address my situation.

I can truly say life is better without the pain.