When a person is injured or dealing with back pain, it is important to known the cause.

At Serene Chiropractic, Dr.Sojitra utilizes x-ray motion studies to diagnose chronic pain more accurately by utilizing this system which allows him to view the spine and connective tissues while the patient is moving.

A digital motion X-ray (DMX) is the only medical imaging modality that visualizes the human body while in motion

.This image-intensified fluoroscopic x-ray system allows the radiologist to view the cervical spine in motion, and in real-time. As you move, so does the image.

Digital motion X-ray is helpful in diagnosing injuries such as whiplash or ligamentous instability of the neck after motor vehicle accidents. The procedure requires you to stand and actively move your neck and head in nodding and tipping motions. The radiologist is then able to see your head and neck anatomy move instantly. This leads to very clear and accurate images.