Corrective Exercise

Each patient at Serene Chiropractic in Elgin Il has unique needs depending on their consultation.

Customized corrective exercise plans are essential to restoring specific core strength and flexibility problems limiting optimal function.  The doctors create corrective exercise plans for patients to perform following their adjustment.

Body Work

Massage therapy is just one of many ways to honor and treat your body. It has an amazing ability to calm the mind, subdue physical pain and promotes healing on many different levels. Each session is tailored to each client and careful consideration is taken about to how each body is going to need a different approach and pressure. The following types of massage are offered.

• Deep Tissue
• Trigger Point
• Sports Massage
• Swedish Massage
• Craniosacral
• Medical Massage
• Myofascial release
• Therapeutic Massage
• Range of motion and stretching
• Prenatal
• Aromatherapy